A Symbol of Love

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is

  a wonderful and timeless connection to a beloved person.
  your personal place of mourning, remembrance and joy.
  the most personal memorial jewel.
  an everlasting heirloom over generations.
  unique and individual.

A Symbol of

A Memorial Diamond made from hair or ashes is the most beautiful and everlasting way to bid farewell to your loved one. Today, increasing mobility and globalization often complicate the regular visits to and the maintenance of a grave. Compared to traditional types of burials, the Memorial Diamond is a very personal monument of mourning, remembrance and joy.


Your Personal Memorial Diamond

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond reflects the uniqueness of the deceased. A remembrance diamond shines in exceptional blueish shades. A unique rough diamond is created solely out of the Carbon of the hair or cremation ashes of the deceased. You can choose your preferred Carbon source, size and cut of the Memorial Diamond. We can create even more than one diamond.


The Creation of a Memorial Diamond

Natural diamonds have been created under vast pressure and enormous heat in the depths of the earth. To create a Memorial Diamond we have to simulate the same conditions. With our own HPHT-machines (High-Pressure-High-Temperature) we are able to do so. From cremated remains or hair we extract the Carbon and grow the most special and unique memorial jewel.


A symbol of endless love

and remembrance.

Next to the traditional burial the demand for cremation is increasing steadily worldwide. The cremated remains are then often stored in a graveyard or, where the law allows it, the ashes are scattered in nature. An ALGORDANZA Pure Memorial Diamond is a unique alternative or addition to the traditional urn interment.

In cases where a traditional burial in a grave is desired or even (religio-)culturally required, the ALGORDANZA Hair Memorial Diamond is a unique addition.The ALGORDANZA Hair Memorial Diamond is a beautiful remembrance in case of a traditional burial on a graveyard.

We only use the Carbon extracted from the cremation ashes or hair to create one or more Memorial Diamonds consisting of 99.9% Carbon.

An ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is a memorable heirloom over generations for the remembrance of a beloved family member.

Your Personal Memorial Diamond

Memorial Diamond Options

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are created solely from the Carbon of a late beloved family member. Carbon is the element of life. Choose the preferred Carbon source for your unique ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond:



The ALGORDANZA Pure Memorial Diamond is created solely out of the Carbon isolated from the cremated remains of the beloved deceased. At least 500g of cremated remains are needed to create at least one cremation diamond.



The ALGORDANZA Hair Memorial Diamond is made out of the Carbon isolated from the hair of the beloved person. For the production 5g of hair is needed. The hair diamond is a unique option if no cremation is desired or (religio-)culturally accepted.



In cases where not enough cremated remains or hair  are available, a second Carbon source can be added. As a second Carbon source personal letters, diaries or pictures, which are in direct connection to the deceased person, can be used.

Memorial Diamond Size

Size and costs depend on the weight of the Memorial Diamond. The weight of a diamond is measured in carat. Choose your preferred size with the size chart.


Family Diamonds

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are available as family diamonds brilliant cut too. From the ashes of your loved one, we are able to create more than just one diamond. Thus, multiple family members can have their beloved person with them.


Memorial Diamond Colour


The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond shines in exceptional, different shades of blue. Each diamond glints in its own, unique blueish colour and is the manifestation of its uniqueness. The colour depends on the element Boron contained within the diamond. The more Boron embedded in the crystal grating of the diamond, the darker the blueish shade.

Memorial Diamond Cuts

The cutting of a diamond is a craft, since only the exact proportions of the diamond are able to unleash the exceptional sparkling. We entrust your personal Memorial Diamond only to sophisticated experts to cut it by hand. Choose your preferred cut or decide for a rough diamond – as the diamond uniquely formed itself.


Laser Inscription

Each ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond made from ashes or hair is inscribed with the ALGORDANZA signet and its unique reference number. Additionally, a personal inscription may be engraved at a premium. The length of the message depends on the cut and the size of the Memorial Diamond (max. 50 characters).


How a Diamond is made from Ashes or Hair

Carbon is the element of life and the foundation each diamond consists of to 99.9% . Diamonds have been created under vast pressure and enormous heat naturally in the bowels of the earth. To create a diamond from human cremains or hair we have to simulate the same conditions. For this we need to isolate the Carbon from the cremated remains, transform it into Graphite and finally turn it into a Memorial Diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is an ALGORDANZA memorial diamond a genuine diamond?

    Yes – the ALGORDANZA memorial diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. In our production site in Switzerland we recreate the natural formation conditions. Thus, your individual ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond can grow.

  • Does the size (weight) of the diamond depend on the amount of used Carbon source?

    No – the size of the diamond depends on the duration of the process. The longer the remambrance diamond lasts in the growing phase, the bigger it becomes.

  • How many cremation ashes do you need for the creation of an ALGORDANZA Pure Memorial Diamond?

    On average, the cremation of an adult human being generates 2’500 g of ashes. We need at least 500 g of these ashes for the synthesis of a cremation diamond.

  • Does carbon still exist within cremation ashes?

    During cremation, the majority of carbon escapes as carbon dioxide. Inside the cremation ashes remains a carbon concentration of 1-5%. We are able to extract the carbon from the cremation ashes. This carbon will be the basis for the following diamond synthesis of a cremation diamond.

  • How much hair do you need for the creation of an ALGORDANZA Hair Memorial Diamond?

    For the creation of a hair diamond we need at least 5g of hair.

  • What can be used as a second Carbon source for an ALGORDANZA Origin Memorial Diamond?

    For the creation this special remambrance jewel you can hand over a personal letter, diary or picture of the deceased person. The personal item along with the amount of ashes or hair available will be the basis for the synthesis of this unique remambrence diamond.

  • What does ALGORDANZA guarantee with the certificate?

    With our certificate, we guarantee the authenticity, weight, cut and color of the diamond as well as the origin of the diamond from the Carbon source given to us.

  • Can I have more than one diamond from the same Carbon source?

    Yes, we are able to create more than one diamond from the requested Carbon source. We can specify the number of possible diamonds after detailed analyses of the source in our laboratory.

  • How long does it take until I can hold my diamond in my hands?

    The synthesis takes approximately 5-8 months from the receipt of the Carbon source and deposit of the prepayment. The synthesis of a diamond is a highly complex process and in some cases it can take more time.

  • Why do the diamonds have different bluish shades?

    The coloration depends on the element boron within the diamond. The more boron is bound to the carbon grid the more intense is blue coloration. We do not affect the coloring of the diamond. The unique blueish coloration emphasizes the uniqueness of your personal Memorial Diamond.

  • Is it possible to synthesize a diamond even if the person has died and been cremated a while ago?

    Yes – the age of the ashes or hair is not relevant for the synthesis.



‘The Memorial Diamond is a very unique way to say farewell to a beloved person. With the utmost caution, respect and discretion we allow you a new, charming way of remembrance.’

Frank Ripka, CTO & Rinaldo Willy, Founder/CEO

ALGORDANZA is the Rhaeto-Romanic – a historic Swiss language – word for ‘remembrance’. For over a decade we have been creating the Memorial Diamonds in our own laboratory in Domat/Ems, Switzerland.

We are dedicated to the infinite remembrance of your loved one. The highly complex creation process of a Memorial diamond is the outcome of our efforts to create something imperishable and equally personal.

The idea to isolate carbon from human cremation ashes and create from this carbon a Memorial Diamond arose in 2003. The following year was filled with investigations on acceptance and technical feasibility. Since 2004, Algordanza has operated as a solid and steadily growing company. We are represented in over 33 countries today. Today you can choose your preferred carbon source for your personal ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond.

Our Memorial Diamonds

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is solely made from the carbon isolated from the carbon source handed over to us. After manufacturing the diamond according to your wishes each gemstone is controlled and the ALGORDANZA authenticity certificate is issued. The Memorial Diamond is a real diamond grown in our laboratory.

Our Values

We understand that you are entrusting us with something incredibly valuable. The reverence of a beloved person is at the center of our attention. We work with the utmost piety and caution, in order to satisfy the trust and encouragement placed in us by family members all over the world.

Our Caution

Upon reception of your order a unique reference number is generated, which allows us to supervise the entire process from ashes reception, to the isolation of the carbon, to the finished synthetic diamond. Additionally it helps us to guarantee discretion throughout the process. The ALGORDANZA diamond burial is ISO-certified and attested by a Swiss notary public.

Our company is member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services and commits voluntarily to the standards and ethics of the Swiss, German and Austrian funeral homes. Additionally, we areMember of the European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS) and the World Organization of Funeral Operatives (FIAT-IFTA).



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